The Open Source project is like a child, it doesn't matter for you how many and how much people love him. But sometimes when they do, that makes you proud.
unstuck webpack

A crazy tool which became very popular.


A console tool for managing Systemd units. Check it out on the Debian packages page.


Markdown viewer for a terminal.

Linuxenko is the nickname I've had since 2013th for working on the projects, it isn't associated with the general activity. By the legend, I'm not from the planet or even the universe you're from, because of the misspelled "Milkey Way" location field I've written down on the GitHub. It seemed to me funny enough to keep it "as is".

I've noticed that all my professional activity is moving along with this nickname more and more. There is a lot of public activity associated with this nickname, such as Open Source projects, participation in different groups or even "mentoring" people inspired by some cool things made by me. I'm always a very kind person for everyone who comes on the board of the "Mentor Ship".




My name is Svetlana Linuxenko, I was born in 1985 and I'm a Software Engineer / Front-End Developer / Web Designer / Full-Stack Developer / Android Developer / Games Developer / Linux System Developer. Java, C++, Perl and many others developer in past.

Author of the cakejs2 front-end framework, and its different implementations for such devices as low-performance boxes, the complex features degradation strategies and even for the Smart TV devices (my implementation was one year as mature when react-tv released). CSS testing helper, positioning elements helper, encrypted GitHub filesystem for desktops, sprite editor with smart edges detection, lots of different experiments and tools.

Check out my GitHub page and the list of my preferred projects.

I made a bunch of technical publications. I know, I'm not the best writer in the world yet. So don't judge my technical skills by the worst of them. Anyways, nobody is perfect.

Top of the amazing achievements worth hanging here.
github top

A week of fame on top of the GitHub.


It was very popular some time.

fcc achivement

1-week long steak to get in top 20.

The button below is not intended for any job propositions, even for amazing.
Someone could ask me how much did I earn on the software development and why I'm not craving spend my time, health and life for his awesome idea for maybe a couple of coins if it succeeds. The answer is
Here is my CV file